An afternoon at parliament

During a recent trip to Europe, GLaD team member Sean Mulcahy attended a public meeting of the UK’s Joint Committee on Human Rights. Here, he describes how the spatial economies of the inquiry room, and the actors within, perform the act of a public hearing on human rights.

A paper sign is stuck on to a pole in the street that says 'Every human has rights'

Forging new habits

If human rights are an effective framework for the prevention of punitive approaches towards drugs, why haven’t they prevented them to date? The latest article from the GLaD team addresses this question.

Performers on the stage in a production of Shakespeare's Coriolanus by the Berliner Ensemble.

GLaD visits Europe

As part of our drugs and human rights project, GLaD researcher Sean Mulcahy is heading to Europe to present at conferences in London, Sheffield and Verona.

YouTube video landing page with pictures of the three presenters, Dion Kagan, Emily Lenton and Sean Mulcahy, with text reading 'ARCSHS Summer Research Schowcase - Watch on Youtube'

Watch the GLaD team’s summer research showcase

Recently, GLaD reserchers Sean Mulcahy, Emily Lenton and Dion Kagan presented a 3-part showcase of research findings from current projects addressing LGBTIQA+ human rights, hepatitis C data justice, and life after hepatitis C cure. Watch a recording of their papers here.