YouTube video landing page with pictures of the three presenters, Dion Kagan, Emily Lenton and Sean Mulcahy, with text reading 'ARCSHS Summer Research Schowcase - Watch on Youtube'

Watch the GLaD team’s summer research showcase

Recently, GLaD reserchers Sean Mulcahy, Emily Lenton and Dion Kagan presented a 3-part showcase of research findings from current projects addressing LGBTIQA+ human rights, hepatitis C data justice, and life after hepatitis C cure. Watch a recording of their papers here.


The New South Wales Mandatory Disease Testing Act

The Mandatory Disease Testing Act 2021, recently passed through the New South Wales Parliament,establishes a new scheme under which a person can be ordered to provide a blood sample for the testing of blood-borne viruses if, as a result of their deliberate action, their bodily fluid has come into contact with a health, emergency or public sector worker.