Listen to ‘After Cure’ – a new documentary podcast about hepatitis C in the age of curative treatment

Over time, chronic hepatitis C can lead to serious medical problems like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Around 58 million people were living with chronic hepatitis C in 2019, and about 290,000 people had died from hepatitis C-related liver disease. But recently, new treatments have become available, and these can cure chronic hepatitis C. They are significantly more effective than past treatments and can clear the virus in more that 95 percent of cases, typically with minimal side effects. These new treatments are called direct-acting antivirals. In some parts of the world where they have become available, including Australia, efforts are underway to eliminate hepatitis C as a public health problem.

‘After Cure’ is a new documentary podcast from the post-cure lives research project that explores experiences of hepatitis C in this new treatment era. Hosted by GLaD researcher Emily Lenton, it shares the stories of Evelyn, Leo and Ruby, three people from different parts of Australia, and their experiences of living with hepatitis C, getting treated with direct-acting antivirals, and life after cure. ‘After Cure’ also includes the voices of Carrie Fowlie, the Chief Executive Officer of Hepatitis Australia, and other project researchers: Kate Seear, Adrian Farrugia and Sean Mulcahy, who together reflect on social, policy and legal developments surrounding hepatitis C in the new treatment era, including the ongoing challenges of hepatitis C-related stigma and discrimination.

A diverse crowd of people with their backs to the viewer, looking into an abstract purple shape with the title 'After Cure' in bold lettering.

‘After Cure’ was principally devised, recorded and produced by GLaD team member Dion Kagan and Kate Seear, with support from members of the GLaD and DruGS programs and staff at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), La Trobe University, and with funding from the Australian Research Council. Editing, sound design and post-production was crafted by audio producer and maker John Jacobs, with theme music by Serge Pavkin. We are especially grateful to Ruby, Leo and Evelyn (assigned pseudonyms for this podcast) for sharing their stories.

LISTEN to or download ‘After Cure’ here.