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New health information sharing legislation could compromise Victorians’ privacy rights

New Victorian legislation will introduce an electronic patient health information sharing system to enable public hospitals and other specified health services to share Victorians’ health information.

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New article

New research on gender in alcohol and other drug regulation

In our latest article, we explore how alcohol and other drugs issues are considered in human rights scrutiny processes in Australian parliaments.

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New project

Mapping Australian legislation on LGBTIQA+ rights

GLaD program researcher Sean Mulcahy is conducting a new project designed to audit Australian legislation that has been subject to human rights scrutiny

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On tables, doors and listening spaces

Our article, ‘On tables, doors and listening spaces: Parliamentary human rights scrutiny and engagement of others’, is published in the Australian Journal of Human Rights.

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Talking drugs, dance and human rights at the Global Meeting on Law and Society

GLaD project officer Sean Mulcahy recently presented a paper co-authored with project lead Kate Seear at the Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon.

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New article

New research on debates about roadside drug testing and human rights

Our new paper explores how this debate on roadside drug testing in the ACT unfolded.

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The Australian debate about religious discrimination and other rights

An important debate about religious discrimination and the intersections between religious beliefs and other rights has unfolded in Australia. In this post, we report on the debate surrounding the Religious Discrimination Bills.

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